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Southeast Asia, covered.

Andy Goes To Asia is your candid guide to Southeast Asia: real people, real experiences, real stories, all here.

You’ll feel the splash of Ha Long Bay on your skin.

You’ll hear the roar of Ho Chi Minh City’s motorbike scene in your ears.

You’ll be transported right here with me: and I hope it allows you to make good traveling decisions, and enlighten you one of the world’s most vibrant regions.

It is a place for:

The news-hounds – professional journalism on developing stories in the region.

The holiday-makers – guides to destinations await you.

The explorers – info on hidden gems and facets of life.

The socially-conscious – essays on topics from dog meat to white privilege are here.*

The photographers – my own candid photos. 100% of photos on this site were self-shot.

The readers – stories and anecdotes straight from the heart of the action.

Andy Goes To Asia: Southeast Asia, covered.






My name is Andrew Headspeath.

You can look at my site here.

I was born in the Philippines to Filipino and Scottish parents. After a year or two of getting to know the fam, we moved to Saudi Arabia.

Growing up on a compound and attending an international school exposed me to people from all over the world.

Since then, I’ve always viewed the world as a global community.


Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most popular backpacking spots, and my fascination with the place is deeply personal.

For me, there’s something primal about this region.

It has a buzz, a sense of excitement a rawness you can’t find anywhere else.

Perhaps it’s in my blood.


For a full portfolio of my work, check out:

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